Taean Tulip Festival 2017, Korea


Taean County is a county in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. I’ve known this place because of the Taean Tulip Festival, one of the best tulip festivals in the world, I heard. This year’s tulip festival started on April 13 and ended on May 10. To be exact, I went to Taean last April 29 and there I witnessed thousands of colorful flowers in full bloom. Indeed the best flower festival I’ve ever seen.


Going to Taean is a bit of a challenge if you cannot read Korean. Everything is written in Hangeul even the bus schedule in the bus terminal and the tourist maps. You’ll find no English translations at all.




How can you not fall in love with these flowers…


The theme of the festival changes every year. Last year was Monalisa and this year’s theme was world’s landmarks. Can you spot the image of Eiffel Tower from here?





Just when I thought cherry blossoms are gone at this time of year, I found one pink cherry blossom tree in Taean.


I’ve also seen other flowers in the festival site such as Canola flowers, Daffodils, etc. So pretty!



I actually couldn’t find the right words to express how I felt after seeing these beautiful flowers. They’ve left me so speechless.

Here’s a guide on how to go to Taean for you to experience the beauty of the Taean Tulip Festival next spring.

From Seoul Nambu Bus terminal, take an intercity bus to Taean (₩9000). From Taean bus terminal, take a village bus bound for Geomseom 곰섬 (₩2200). Get off at Morenon bus stop.  In a small alley, walk for about 15 minutes to the festival area. Admission Fee is ₩9000.